Vacancies and Internships

Current Openings

Sorry, we currently don’t have any available openings. Please check again soon or write to us at for further details


If you’re an undergraduate, we are happy to let you know that we sometimes have internship opportunities available. Our unpaid internship programme offers successful applicants the opportunity to learn more about women’s human rights issues, CEDAW and related treaty bodies. Interns will also be able to gain skills in the areas of research and advocacy. As much as possible, we try to provide interns with a chance to gain hands-onexperience by being involved in our trainings.


Interns are expected to contribute to areas of work relevant to the objectives and strategies of the organization. This may involve the intern developing position papers on various issues relating to women’s rights; undertaking research, collation and analysis of cases and principles; and contributing to trainings/meetings/consultations in various ways. Interns can expect to be involved in areas concerning:-

  • A human rights based approach to development in the Global era
  • Promoting the understanding and use of CEDAW and the Optional Protocol to CEDAW
  • Integrating and implementing international human rights through national mechanisms
  • Migration, resistance to women’s human rights from cultural factors, women affected by conflict, sexual orientation and gender identity, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) and justiciability of ESCR rights
  • Development of tools to support various CEDAW strategies including legal resources

To inquire about internship opportunities, please write to us at