Sustainable Development

IWRAW AP’s engagement with sustainable development is based on the principle that it is a legal, political and moral imperative to ground development priorities in human rights and that universal standards for development outcomes must be ensured, based on the recognition that all people are entitled to equality regardless of any status. This would enable states to center policies and programmes in such a way to ensure that the results reach those who need them the most.

Our work aims to create and strengthen alternative spaces for women’s voices, especially from the Global South, to bring country level issues and priorities to influence global and regional agendas. To this end, we coordinate and convene the Global South Women’s Forum on Sustainable Development. We are also focused on connecting the human rights framework to the sustainable development framework as we believe that development priorities based on human rights would enhance accountability and shift the focus from aspirational rhetoric to actual implementation. CEDAW, as one of the most widely ratified international conventions, would provide a robust and evolving framework for State accountability and obligation under international law and link women’s human rights and development.