CEDAW Election Results (2018)

The term of 12 CEDAW committee members will be expiring in December 2018 and an election was held during the 20th Meeting of States parties to CEDAW on 7 June 2018 at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The election was preceded by a call for nominations.

We congratulate the newly elected as well as re-elected members of the CEDAW committee and look forward to working with them. We also celebrate in solidarity with our friends in the disability rights movement the election of Ana Peláez Narváez of Spain whom the European Disability Forum reports as the first woman with disabilities to be elected to the CEDAW Committee.

Those elected to fill the positions are:

Ms. Gladys ACOSTA VARGAS – Peru
Ms. Hiroko AKIZUKI – Japan
Ms. Tamader AL-RAMMAH – Saudi Arabia
Ms. Louiza CHALAL – Algeria
Ms. Naéla GABR – Egypt
Ms. Lia NADARAIA – Georgia
Ms. Aruna Devi NARAIN – Mauritius
Ms. Rhoda REDDOCK – Trinidad and Tobago
Mr. Elgun SAFAROV – Azerbaijan
Ms. Genoveva TISHEVA – Bulgaria
Ms. Franceline TOE BOUDA – Burkina Faso

We wish the outgoing members of the CEDAW committee all the very best, and appreciate their contribution in ensuring that states and other actors around the world are held accountable to uphold women’s human rights and obligations under the international human rights framework.

More information on the election process can be found at the OHCHR website.