Our Work

IWRAW AP has a core set of activities centred on the CEDAW review process, from supporting women’s organizations in shadow report writing to monitoring the implementation of the Convention and mobilizing the women’s human rights constituency to set the standards at the international level. In the last few years, we have also aimed at developing an understanding of several thematic areas identified as important by our partners, as well as by our analysis of new and emerging issues in the external environment.

Our way of working has always been to create a culture of compliance with CEDAW and other human rights treaties by strengthening the capacity of women’s organisations and coalitions, government institutions, National Human Rights Institutions, legal practitioners, and others. We have also engaged in evidence based advocacy with the CEDAW Committee and other treaty bodies, and other public institutions at the national, regional and international level, and the private sector. We have developed extensive networks, built strategic alliances and kept ourselves abreast of the changes in the women’s movement.