Rights of Marginalised Women

IWRAW AP remains committed to the realization of rights of all women and seeks to find more inclusive ways to make the human rights claims of marginalized groups of women visible and effective. It is essential to challenge and dismantle the systems of oppression that perpetuate structural inequality for groups of women that face exclusion, invisibility and a denial of rights in their day to day lives. We are guided by the following principles to ensure that the rights of marginalized groups of women are addressed systematically across all of our areas of work:

Inclusion: Ensure participation of marginalized groups of women across our programmes and ensure respect for diversity and valuing individual or group differences while recognizing our common humanity and universal rights and freedoms.

Intersectionality: Incorporate an analysis that explain how forms of oppressions inter-relate and often reflect multiple forms of discrimination.

Accessibility: Be cognizant of and respond to the needs of groups of marginalized women to ensure their meaningful access and participation in our programmes.

Accountability: Follow processes to document, monitor and evaluate the engagement of marginalized groups of women in our programmes. Solidarity: Build solidarity within and across issues, locations and movements.