Women’s Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Women’s economic, social and cultural rights are consistently challenged by patriarchal practices, structural inequalities and multiple forms of discrimination in laws and in practice. This is further influenced by private sector behaviours, and for the Global South – impacted by the existence of infrastructural and technology-driven national development. Our aim at IWRAW AP is to strengthen the feminist response to current economic development by focusing on strategies that support women’s rights organisations to claim women’s economic rights, as well as contribute to a more gender-responsive policy environment.

We have been using substantive equality and non-discrimination framework as the basis of our analysis and advocacy for the progressive interpretations of women’s economic, social and cultural rights. And actively advocating to move away from instrumental approaches to women’s inclusion in the economic sector. The key priority areas and emerging issues that we have been working on include rights of women migrant workers, issues of women workers in global value chain, women’s rights in land and natural resources, business and human rights corporate accountability. IWRAW AP is a Working Group member of women’s economic, social and cultural rights of ESCR Net.